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Apr 01

Spring is a great opportunity for cleaning

Posted on April 1, 2021 at 4:58 PM by Bryan Obenchain

It’s time for some spring cleaning – literally and figuratively.

First, the easy parts. The City of Minot’s annual spring clean up week is fast approaching. The 2021 event is scheduled for May 3-7, with the household hazardous waste collection event to be held on May 7-8 at the Public Works building.

That broken swing set that’s beyond repair? Those rusty old cans of paint? That stack of broken wood from your old fence that you were going to repurpose but has been sitting in a pile outdoors for years? The City of Minot can help you get rid of all of those things, provided you’re a City sanitation customer and aren’t a commercial entity.

The spring clean up week is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff in your home, garage, or yard that has, shall we say, seen better days. Our crews make it easy on residents during clean up weeks. Simply pile your unwanted items as neatly as possible on the curb. That’s it. Your job is done. City crews will take the stuff away and properly dispose of it.

The city is divided into four sections during the week, with each section assigned a specific day of the week when items will be picked up. If you’re not sure which day crews will be in your neighborhood, or if you’re wondering what is accepted and not accepted during these two events, you can find more information on the City’s web site at

The HHW collection, which includes e-waste, is an chance to rid yourselves of those old paint cans, half-empty insecticide cans hiding in your garage, unused gas containers, old propane tanks, and unwanted or outdated computers, monitors, or printers. The process of getting rid of these items is simple for Minot residents who are City sanitation customers: Load them up in your vehicle, drive to the Public Works building at 1025 31st Street SE and follow the signs that guide you into the building. Once inside, personnel from the City and other entities will safely remove the objects from your vehicle, and off you go.

And don’t worry – if you miss these opportunities, we’re scheduled to hold another clean up week in September.

Now, for the harder part of spring cleaning.

Spring is the perfect opportunity to unclutter our minds, which is undoubtedly more complicated than cleaning the garage. We’ve made it through another North Dakota winter, and while the winter of 2020-21 wasn’t necessarily bad from a weather standpoint, we are thankful nonetheless that spring is here. The calendar recently flipped over to April, which means the short days of winter are over, and the sunny days of spring and summer are on their way.

Already, folks are out walking, running, and riding bike. There will be countless baseball, soccer, and softball games. It’s track and tennis season. It’s time for golf again. Get the boat cleaned up because the fish are waiting. There are yards to be raked and mowed, and flowers to be planted. Or, maybe you enjoy just sitting on your deck or patio and listening to the sounds of nature. No matter what your outdoor activity of choice is, find opportunities to engage in them.

Spending time outdoors is good for your physical health, and your mental health will benefit, too. Certainly, one positive aspect of working and playing outside is avoiding the indoor restrictions associated with COVID-19. You don’t need to wear a mask on a hike, when you’re riding bike, or out for a walk with your spouse. There’s plenty of space to social distance on Lake Sakakawea or Lake Darling.

Nature can be a great psychological remedy when it comes to COVID-19. There’s perhaps no better way to unclutter your mind than enjoying one of the most spectacular treasures North Dakota has to offer – the great outdoors.

Sincerely, City Hall.

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