Street Department

The Street Department oversees all operations responsible for 600+ lane miles, including determining maintenance requirements, patching, sweeping and snow removal, 22 miles of river bank, mowing of city lots and right of ways, and maintenance of trails system. Determine quantities of consumables required and order (i.e. salt, sand, gravel, and cutting edges ECT). Coordinate all contract operations conducted for the department. Responsible for department budget from planning stage to ensuring funds are managed properly. Determine equipment needs and ensure they are addressed during budget process. Coordinate mosquito spraying operations with USAF AFRC. Schedule shifts and on-call. Respond to citizen complaints and request.

Positions that operate under the Street department are Foremen, Equipment Operators, and Seasonal Staff. These positions are generally responsible for day-to-day operations and supervision of operators. Sweeping, patching, snow removal, utility locates, mowing operations, maintenance of river banks and dead loops, assign operators to duties as required. Conduct safety meetings. Ensure equipment is ready for each season as required. This department also maintains street sweeping, road patching, snow removal, mowing, tree trimming, and debris removal from dead loops, clean ditches, thaw catch basins and manholes. 

The Street Department has approximately 110 pieces of equipment that have daily maintenance needs that also fall under the responsibility of the Street Department employees. Employees also operate On-call as scheduled. 

Additional Information

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