Convention & Visitors Bureau Committee

2024 Board of Directors

Minot Hotel/Motel Association

  • Amanda Shappell 
  • Gabriel Meija

Minot Area Business 


  • Randy Conway
  • Jesse Zwak
  • Pamela Hopkins

Executive Committee

  • Megan Langley - President
  • Thor Nelson - 1st Vice-President
  • Josh Galloway - 2nd Vice-President
  • TBD - Secretary/Treasurer

City Council

  • Paul Pitner


The purpose of this committee is to promote, develop, invite and encourage all types of state, regional and national conventions to meet in the City of Minot. The organization shall assist convention groups in publicizing, promoting, planning and coordinating conventions or meetings. This organization will also work toward attracting tourists to this area.

Appointment, Membership, Term

The Board of Directors of the corporation shall be comprised of nine members (which number may not be altered in the bylaws), appointed by the Mayor of the City of Minot, subject to confirmation by a majority of the entire City Council of the City of Minot. Three directors shall be selected by the Mayor from the membership of the Minot Motel Association, three from the membership of the corporation itself, two persons from the community at large, and one from the City Council. The terms of the members shall be for three years, expiring on December 31st, except for the member appointed from the City Council, whose term shall be one year, expiring December. A director may be removed by a majority vote of all the members of the board (including in the computation as to whether a majority has been attained the director whose removal is sought), subject to confirmation by the City Council.

Amendment By Directors

The Board of Directors shall have power to make, alter, amend and repeal the bylaws of the Corporation by affirmative vote of seventy five percent (75%) of the Board, provided, however, that the action is proposed at a regular or special meeting of the Board and adopted at a subsequent regular meeting, except as otherwise provided by law. However, such power shall not include the power to alter the number or selection of the Board of Directors or with regard to membership without the consent of the City Council of the City of Minot.


Agreement between City and Chamber - December 8, 1992, City Council Minutes - March 7, 1994 and Attachment to the Articles of Incorporation of Minot Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.
Revised 12/2017