Processes & General Information

Assessment personnel can provide information as per follows:

  1. Basic property information Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  2. 3 year exemption to improvements: 
    • Major renovation for residential properties over 25 years of age
    • The exemption of improvements may not exceed 3 tax years. Exemption must be applied for and approved by city council prior to the start of any construction
    • Generally the work being done should warrant the assessment doubling the prior year's assessment
    • This exemption of improvements does not apply to any buildings that were destroyed or damaged by fire, flood or tornado
    • Exemption of improvements does not include additions or new structures on site Contact City Assessor's Office for further information and restrictions
  3. Exemptions for blind and wheelchair -bound persons. Need signed physician's form
  4. Exemptions for charitable organizations
  5. Homestead Credit information:
  6. Exemptions for disabled individuals and veterans:
    • For permanently and totally disabled persons refer to section 5.
    • Veteran's exemptions require 50% or more service related disabled.
      • Copy of DD214
      • Copy of document of VA showing % of service related disability with date of disability
    • Application (PDF)
  7. Method of appealing your property valuation:
    • Visit with the local assessment office with facts about your property value to compare with the assessor's property record card
    • Review the North Dakota Taxpayer Bill of Rights
    • The assessment staff will then advise you of your options:
      1. The City Board of Equalization meets the second Tuesday of April each year.
      2. The County Board of Equalization meets in June as scheduled by the County Tax Director.
      3. The State Board of Equalization meets the second Tuesday of August each year - in Bismarck.
      4. The abatement of taxes application can be filled out which gives the assessor permission to inspect the property and the form is then filed at the County Director of Tax Equalization Office - Ward County Courthouse
  8. Renaissance Zone Tax Incentives, call City Planner at 701-857-4108