City Attorney

The City Attorney is an appointed position. The City Attorney’s Office handles all legal matters involving the City of Minot, and prosecutes all criminal ordinance violations, infractions, and traffic code violations. The City Attorney’s Office also advises and represents the City Council and City staff on legal matters relating to the City of Minot.
The City Attorney’s Office consists of three staff: the City Attorney, the Assistant City Attorney, and a legal secretary. Both the City Attorney and Assistant City Attorney are licensed to practice law in North Dakota.
Areas of focus include:
• Civil - Claims against the city (such as claims against the Police Department)
• Criminal - Prosecute class B misdemeanors, infractions, and traffic code violations (class A misdemeanors and felonies are prosecuted by the Ward County State's Attorney’s Office)

The City Attorney for the City of Minot does not offer legal advice to anyone other than City leadership, management, or staff, and only in matters pertaining to City business. For matters in which a citizen needs legal advice on a private legal matter, the citizen should contact and consult with a private attorney.

City of Minot Home Rule Charter:  Click Here

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