Community Development Committee


  • Lisa Olson
    Term Expires: June 2024
  • Mark Jantzer, 
     Term Expires: June 2024
  • Paul Pitner, Chairman
     Term Expires: June 2024


  • Scott Burlingame
     Term Expires: June 2024
  • Stephan Podrygula, Vice Chairman
    Term Expires: June 2024


It shall be the duty of the Community Development Committee to screen social service funding requests received from new organizations or for new projects.

Beginning in 1995, each of the following existing social service agencies make their funding request directly to the City Manager for his determination as to what goes into the annual preliminary budget: Domestic Violence Crisis Center; Travelers Assistance; Companions For Children; Second Story; Status of Women; Council of the Arts (including Minot Symphony , City Band and Area Arts Council).

Appointment, Membership, Term

This board is made up of five members of the City Council, said members appointed by the Mayor to terms of two years commencing on the date of the City Council Re-organizational meeting following the regular biennial municipal election.


Ordinance No. 2006
Revised 6/2016