Economic Development


Nurture Minot's reputation as an attractive hub for economic activity and residency in North Central North Dakota.


To enhance the employment and tax base of the City of Minot through the active development development of quality projects in the neighborhoods, downtown and the entire city.  To strengthen the capacity and resiliency of the City through thoughtful assistance and proactive administration of programs.

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    Jonathan Rosenthal

    Economic Development Administrator

Our Role

The City government of Minot performs economic development functions in collaboration with several local organizations that include the Minot Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC), the Souris Basin Planning Council (SBPC), the Minot Convention and Visitors Bureau, Minot State University, and the Downtown Business and Professional Association among other organizations.  

City government coordinates its activities through the offices of the City Manager and the Mayor and with city departments including Community Development, Engineering, Traffic, Public Works, Building Department, Assessors Department, Finance and so on. Their participation assures proactive feedback on development plans as well as an integration of incentives, where applicable.

This office supports good planning, quality development practices and processes. Our staff are here to assist businesses through the formal processes and advise on targeted incentives.  It is our goal to make working with the City as pleasant and productive as it can be.  Towards that end the City is prepared to provide Consierge Service to provide a single point of assistance.  Please feel free to ask at 701-420-4524.

The City also works cooperatively with the State of North Dakota, Ward County and Federal government agencies such as the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Small Business Administration (SBA) and Economic Development Administration (EDA) in order to bring all resources to bear for the benefit of the City, its businesses and residents.

Our agency shows great respect for the planning process and its ability to guide investments and the quality of development.

IEDC Studies and Recommendations

In 2018-2019 the city conducted a series of community-wide economic development planning and assessment events.  The result was more than 72 action items.  This office has been directed to undertake the realization of those goals and to work with organizations who also take responsibility for meeting those goals.

Links to Organizations:

Minot Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC)

A member-driven business advocacy organization coupled with economic development recruitment serving the Greater Minot Area.

Minot Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (MCVB)

A resource for Minot Area events and culture including the ND State Fair, Taube Museum, Rail Museum, Scandinavian Heritage Park, Hostfest and more.  Both visitors and local residents may use  

Downtown Business and Professional Association (DBPA)

The DBSA is one of several active groups representing downtown businesses that the City is committed to working with.  The City wants continuing feedback to address the needs of this special neighborhood and to make it better place to Work, Eat, Play and Learn.

Souris Basin Planning Council (SBPC)

A planning organization serving seven counties (Ward,           ). The SBPC also performs economic and community development functions that include Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs), Interest buy downs, Community Development Block fund programs and of course, planning assistance for smaller towns.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

The Small Business Development Center, located in Minot, serves a multi-county area and has its offices in Minot.  It shares space with SCORE, the Service Corps of Retired Executives.  It helps develop new enterprises get off the ground and works to improve existing businesses. 

Small Business Administration (SBA)

Downtown Minot

A good portion of the city's distinctive architecture and historic properties is found in downtown.  Retail is a very important component of the Minot economy.  Historically that centered upon downtown Minot and its mostly brick buildings that were constructed there. The architectural quality and diversity of these building are unmatched.  More than a century old, the area's survival depends upon rental occupancy and the renovation of the structures to address both and functional obsolescence.

In recent years new retail development has gone to green field developments.

Downtown needs to be a place where residents can live, eat, drink, work and play. Walkability is a desirable element that is designed into downtown.  Downtown market rate housing needs to be the kind of distinctive places that draw people in.