Private Hydrant

To ensure all fire hydrants are maintained to the International Fire Code requirements, this page is for informational documentation to the annual requirement of inspection and flow of privately owned fire hydrants.  The Minot Fire Department will send out reminder letters to the hydrant owners to have the annual inspection and flows done according to the IFC requirement. 

Property owners will contract the maintenance and provide the Minot Fire Department with the documentation of the inspection. If, at the end of the requested date of documentation, the Minot Fire Department does not receive the inspection documents, Minot Fire Department will contract the inspection and the cost associated with the inspection will be assessed back to the property owner. 

A list of hydrant flow contractors will be listed as well as a contractors who provide underground work in cases of damaged hydrants or valves. Contractors are asked to review the Inspection and Maintenance Procedure manual that is provided to ensure that an inspection is completed properly.