Electrical Board


  • Jason Hunze, 5th Member
    Term Expires: February 2024
  • Dayne Braaten
    Term Expires: November 2022
  • Jesse Braun, Master Electrician
    Term Expires: June 2023

  • Joe Brandvold 
    Term Expires: August, 2022
  • Rob White
    Term Expires: November, 2022
  • City Engineer
  • City Electrical Inspector


The board is the body to which any person feeling aggrieved under any interpretation by the Electrical Inspector of any of the provisions of the electrical code (Chapter 12 of the City of Minot Code of Ordinances) relating to electrical installation or construction, shall have the right to appeal. Any decision made by the board upon the technicalities of electrical installation shall be binding upon both the City Electrical Inspector and the individual filing the appeal. The Board will rule on questions of interpretation of the intent of the code, but will have no authority to abrogate, waive or change any requirement established by the electrical code.

Appointment, Membership, Term

The Board shall consist of five members. The City Engineer shall be an advisor to such board. The members, to be appointed by the Mayor, shall be one master craftsman and one journeyman craftsman within the trade, and two people (lay members) not engaged in, or connected with any of such trades and a fifth member who may or may not be connected with such trade. The term of each member shall be two years.


Chapter 12, Division 3 of the City of Minot Code of Ordinances.
Revised 6/2017