Community Development

The mission of the Minot Community Development Department is to provide quick, accurate, and reliable customer service, create plans that will inspire private investment, urban renewal, and community expansion, and develop and implement programs that will retain, expand, and recruit commerce and industry.

The Vision of the Community Development Department encompasses several existing City and community established initiatives. 

Department Vision Statement 

The City of Minot by the year 2040 will become a vibrant and resilient community focused around a fun and thriving downtown, an attractive riverfront experience, and endless economic opportunities while preserving its heritage and continuously improving upon its built environment.

Important Documents

  1. A photo of the community development director, Brian Billingsley. A white male with dark hair and gl

    Brian Billingsley

    Community and Economic Development Director
    Phone: 701-857-4147

  2. Inspections

    Physical Address
    1025 31st St SE
    Minot, ND 58701

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 5006
    Minot, ND 58702

    Phone: : 701-857-4102

  3. Planning Department

    Physical Address

    Minot, ND 58702

    Mailing Address

    Minot, ND 58702

    Phone: : 701-857-4122