Water Distribution & Sewage Treatment

Oversees all operations within both Water and Wastewater Departments. We maintain 324 miles of water mains and 258 miles of sewer mains, 41 Lift Stations, 1 Aeration pond, and 6 quarters of land for wastewater cells-wetland areas. Planning, scheduling, and organizing all the work required for both departments.  Prepare annual budget needs and equipment needs every year.  Control the spending of budgeted funds and maintain a good inventory of materials and supplies. Prepare incident reports for insurance claims from sewer backups, injuries, and accidents.  Coordinate and develop plans with contractors, the public, and engineers. Comply with all regulations from the ND State Health Department. Conduct safety meetings and purchase safety equipment as required. Foremen oversee the daily operations of all the members of their crew.  Repairing water main leaks, hydrants, curb stops, replace sewer pipe, change meter/mxus, flush sewer mains, camera, jet-vac sewer mains, manholes, gate valve tops, and curb stop caps. 

 Lift station work consists of weekly runs, flushing, repairs, and monitoring pumps. Planning, organizing, scheduling, and training all the workers. Water and sewer inspections on every repair or new services that are installed by contractors. Do some locating and tracing of services. Respond to all emergency calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week.