Storm Water Program

Storm water runoff occurs when rainfall or melted snow flows over the ground. Runoff that is not soaked into the soil becomes surface flow. As storm water flows across impervious areas such as parking lots, streets and roofs, it can accumulate debris, sediment and chemicals (pollutants) that can negatively impact our water. These pollutants are then discharged directly into the Mouse River.

Reduce Storm Water Pollutants

  • Pick up your pets’ waste and dispose of it properly.
  • Use a commercial car wash or wash your car on your lawn.
  • Utilize a rain barrel to capture runoff from downspouts and use it to water the lawn, plants and flowers.
  • Be careful not to fertilize your lawn before a rain storm.
  • Use the City’s Compost Collection sites for lawn clippings and other yard waste.
  • Clean up spilled oil or household chemicals with a dry absorbent, like kitty litter.

Potential storm water pollution should be reported to the City of Minot Engineering Department at 701-857-4100. Only rain water should go down the storm drain.


If you have any questions regarding storm water erosion control, sediment control or permitting, please call the City of Minot Engineering Department at 701-857-4100. We also have packets containing permit information available at the Public Works Building at 1025 31st Street SE.


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