Housing Authority


  • Linda Madsen
    Term: April 2023 - December 2027
  • Julie Lizotte, Chairman
    Term: April 2014 - May 2024
  •  Lester Hill 
    Term: January 2012 - January 2025

  • KateLynn Albers
    Term: January 2022 - December 2026
  • Brandon Hendrickson                                                                  Term: November 2022 - January 2026


To aid in the planning, undertaking and carrying out of housing authority projects in the City of Minot.

Appointment, Membership, Term

Appointed by the Mayor for five year terms. A Commissioner shall hold office until a successor has been appointed and has qualified. Public housing agencies are now required to have not less than one member of the board who is directly assisted by the public housing agency.


Chapter 23-11-05, North Dakota Century Code.
Resolution creating Housing Authority - January 6, 1969.
Revised 7/2016