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The Minot Police Department was founded in August 1887, with the appointment of Police Chief William Flumerfelt, by the first elected mayor of the city, J. H. Scofield. Chief Flumerfelt was initially awarded a monthly stipend of $65. Beyond his normally expected responsibilities to maintain law and order, he was also charged additional responsibilities as fire chief, lamp lighter and street superintendent. In October 1887, within two months of the formation of the police department, a night watchman was added at a stipend $50 a month and extra policemen as needed at $2 a day. 

Today, the Minot Police Department is a professional, well trained and equipped force that is as service-oriented to the community as it is concerned with their primary function of law enforcement. The Police Department is led by Chief John Klug. The Minot Police Department has three divisions: Patrol, Investigations and Administration. The Patrol division oversees traffic enforcement, parking control, K-9 and general public calls for service while the Investigations division oversees criminal investigations. Administration includes the Crime Prevention unit and Police Records. The department is authorized a total of 81 sworn officers along with 26 civilian support staff.


Patrolman Patrick Devaney
On April 26, 1918, Officer Patrick Devaney was shot and killed when he and Special Agent Kersey Gowin, of the North Dakota Attorney General's Office, were attempting to arrest five men in regards to the theft of automobile tires. The officers were lying in wait in a field for the automobile tire thieves approximately 1 ¾ miles north of city limits. Upon announcing themselves, they were immediately fired upon by the thieves. 

Patrolman Lee S. Fahler
On January 21, 1921, while attempting to arrest a suspicious person, Patrolman Lee S. Fahler was shot and killed by the suspect. The man was attempting to bribe Patrolman Fahler as he was being questioned. At that point, Patrolman Fahler put the man under arrest and the two started to walk towards the suspect’s car. The suspect produced a handgun and opened fire on the officer.
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