Safe Routes to School Projects

Photo of the existing 17th Ave SW grass boulevards

Starting Monday, July 11th Ti-Zack will begin work on this project. We recognize this is later than the original start date; the contractor is aware the work must be completed no later than the original deadline of August 19th. We have received an updated schedule from the contractor and have included it here for your convenience:  
Updated Contractor Schedule.

During the operations, there will be times when construction equipment may slow down or restrict traffic on 16th and 17th Ave SW. Please be prepared to share the roadway with construction equipment throughout the duration of the project. During Phase 1 construction, 16th Ave SW will be closed from 16th St to 17th Ave SW. During construction for phases 2 & 3, 17th Ave SW will be closed to thru traffic. A detailed map of each of these phases can be found here : Construction Phases Map.

Things you should know
If access to your driveway will be impacted due to concrete removal or placement, the contractor is required to give you a minimum 2 calendar days notice prior to removing any of the concrete that would impact your access.

The contract completion date for the project is August 19.

This project is not part of an assessment district and there will be no direct cost to adjacent property owners.  It includes new concrete sidewalks, accessible pedestrian ramps, curb, and gutters. Of the $1,038,916 project cost, 80 percent was provided through the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s Transportation Alternatives Program and federal sources. The remaining 20 percent is locally funded.


If there are any issues arising from the construction, please contact us right away. Thank you for your patience and please drive with care through the construction area.   

City of Minot

Jesse Berg, PE 
Project Manager        

Jesse Hoffart, EI 
Project Engineer        

Ti-Zack Concrete Inc. 

Jeremy Gibbs 
Project Manager         

Map of proposed sidewalks along 17th Ave SW



Who requested sidewalk be installed? What’s the history of the project?

1.    The City Council hired Ackerman-Estvold to complete a Minot Safe Routes to School Study. This study was completed in the early part of 2010, and outlined the existing network of sidewalk around all of Minot’s Elementary schools along with the areas of need. The study then created a list of priorities based on the schools that had the highest need for new sidewalk. The study is available here.

2.    In 2019, the City Council authorized the Engineering Department to apply for grant funding to install this section of Sidewalk through the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s (NDDOT) Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).

3.    This project was selected as the #1 project in the state by NDDOT, and was awarded $290,000 grant funds to complete the project. 

4.    City Council voted to accept the funding and added the project to the Capital Improvement Plan for construction in 2022.

5.    Design began in 2021 and the project is proposed to Bid in February of 2022 with completion fall of 2022. 

Why Edison School Area?

1.    The aforementioned study outlined the need for sidewalk and separated it into phases for each area around Minot’s Elementary schools. The study looked at all the phases of construction needed as a whole and prioritized them based on highest need. 

2.    This project was prioritized as #7, priorities 1-6, 10-12, 14, and 15 have been completed to date. The City divided priority 7 into multiple phases, as to attempt to maximize the utilization of the grant funds. The section that was selected to be most critical within priority 7 is this project, as proposed. 

3.    We have also been approved for Safe Routes to School projects in 2023 and 2024, which will be  near Bel Air Elementary (priority 17) and Washington Elementary (priorities 8 & 9) respectively. 

Why both sides of the road?

1.    This is what the study had outlined as a need for the area, which fits into the grand scope of the plan for future sidewalk on the adjacent streets and avenues. See full scope of priority 7 and priority 18.