Lot Owner Information

  • The City shall undertake to keep the grass cut and to maintain all areas of the cemetery in a neat and tidy condition. It shall not provide for the care of monuments or markers, or any decorative planters.
  • Lot owners may have special work done by the City by making arrangements with the superintendent who will furnish estimates of cost to perform the work.
  • No trees, shrubs, or plants shall be planted on lots or graves. The decoration of graves shall be limited to the placing of sprays or flower boxes. The placing of artificial sprays shall be restricted to those graves which have a permanent vase installed for that purpose. Unsightly decorations and vases will be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Superintendent. The use of jars, tin cans, etc., is prohibited. No planting of flowers is permitted. No articles shall be hung or fastened to trees, shrubs or plants. .
  • If the order for an interment is for a deceased person not of the immediate family of the lot owner, permission, in writing, from the lot owner must be filed with the Cemetery Superintendent.
  • The City may repurchase by agreement with the lot owner any unused lots, paying a sum not to exceed the original charge paid to the City for the lot or lots.
  • Pictures in markers that are flush with the ground must have protective covers.
  • No rock or loose materials can be placed around markers, monuments or vases.
  • The City shall take every reasonable precaution to protect the property of lot owners, but it distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from thieves, vandals, or acts of nature, and from all causes beyond its reasonable control.
  • A permanent type of outside burial receptacle will be required in all sections of the cemetery. No fiberglass or plastic outside receptacle will be permitted for any burials.
  • Cremation urn burials, placed with an existing grave, are subject to a lot surcharge fee as determined by the Superintendent. Marker placement is to be approved through the cemetery office prior to setting. Marker size and placement is to be approved through the cemetery office prior to setting.
  • Rosehill Memorial Park is not a perpetual care cemetery.
Additional Information
Additional information is available from staff at the Rosehill office. City Council resolutions may change this information at any time. Lot owners are responsible to maintain and abide by any current ordinance relating to cemetery fee structures, rules and regulations. All lot and service fees must be paid in full prior to interment.