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Application for Disabled Veteran's Property Tax Credit

  1. Application for Disabled Veteran's Property Tax Credit
  2. Disabled Veteran's of United States Armed forceswith Service Connected Disability of 50 Percent or More or Extra-Schedular Rating that Brings the Total Disability Rating to 100 Percent
  3. This application must be filed with the county auditor by February 1 of the first year for which the credit is claimed. A person shall furnish to the assessor or other assessment officials when requested to do so, any information which is believed to support the claim for credit for any subsequent year. A qualifying disabled veteran who acquires the homestead during the year may apply for credit for the portion of the year during which the veteran owns the homestead.
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  7. Credit Claimed Persuant to North Dakota Century Code Section 57-02-08.8
  8. Instructions
  9. Provide a copy of the DD214 showing veteran's honorable discharge from active military service is claiming exemption for the first time. (This document is confidential.)
  10. Provide a certificate from the Department of Veterans' Affairs certifying to the percentage of service-connected disability when claiming exemption for the first time, or if the veteran receives a change in the percentage of certified rated service-connected disability. (This document is confidential.)
  11. Note: N.D.C.C. 12.1-11-02 provides that making a false statement in a governmental matter is punishable as a Class A misdemeaner.
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  13. 24770(Rev. 6/13)
  14. 57-02-08.8 Property Tax Credit for Disabled Veterans
  15. 1. A disabled veteran of the United States armed forces with an armed forces service-connected disability of fifty percent or greater or a disabled veteran who has an extra-schedular rating to include individual unemployability that brings the veteran's total diability rating to one hundred percent as determined by the department of veterans' affairs, who was discharged under honorable conditions or who has been retired from the armed forces of the United States, or the unremarried surviving spouse if the disabled veteran is deceased, is eligible for a credit applied against the first five thousand four hundred dollars of taxable valuation of the fixtures, buildings, and improvements of the person's homestead owned and occupied by the disabled veteran or unremarried survivng spouse equal to the percentage of the disabled veteran's disability compensation rating for service-connected disabilities as certified by the department of veterans' affairs for the purpose of applying for a property tax exemption. An unremarried surviving spouse who is receiving department of veterans' affairs dependancy and indemnity compensation receives a one hundred percent exemption as described in this subsection.
  16. 2. If two disabled veterans are married to each other and living together, their combined credits may not exceed one hundred percent of five thousand four hundred dollars of taxable valuation of the fixtures, buildings, and improvements of the homestead. If a disabled veteran co-owns the homestead property with someone other than the disabled veteran's spouse, the credit is limited to that disabled veteran's interest in the fixtures, buildings, and improvements of the homestead, to a maximum amount calculated by multiplying five thousand four hundred dollars of the taxable valuation by the disabled veteran's percentage of interest in the homestead property and multiplying the result by the applicant's certified disability percentage.
  17. 3. A disabled veteran or unremarried surviving spouse claiming a credit under this section for the first time shall file with the county auditor an affidavit showing facts herein required, a description of the property, and a certificate from the United States department of veterans' affairs, or its successor, certifying to the amount of the disability. The affidavit and certificate must be open for public inspection. (Note: These documents are confidential under N.D.C.C.37-18-11 and may not be disclosed to the public.) A person shall thereafter furnish to the assessor or other assessment officials, when requested to do so, any information which is believed will support the claim for credit for any subsequent year.
  18. 4. For purposes of this section, and except as otherwise provided in this section, "homestead" has the meaning provided in section 47-18-01 except that it also applies to a person who otherwise qualifies under the provisions of this section whether the person is the head of the family.
  19. 5. This section does not reduce the liability of a person for special assessments levied upon property.
  20. 6. The board of county commissioners may cancel the portion of unpaid taxes that represents the credit calculated in accordance with this section for any year in which the qualifying owner has held title to the homestead property. Cancellation of taxes for any year before enactment of this section must be based on law that was in effect for that tax year.
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