Must I give the reason for my trip?
No. The only information required is pickup time and your destination.

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1. How do I request information about American Disabilities Act (ADA) service?
2. How soon may I receive service?
3. Must I be permanently disabled to receive service?
4. What if I need American Disabilities Act service only during cold weather?
5. What days can I expect to get ADA transportation?
6. How far in advance may I schedule appointments for rides?
7. Can I make a request for a ride after regular hours?
8. What if I'm hearing impaired?
9. What if I need a personal aid to travel with me?
10. Must I give the reason for my trip?
11. Who do I call if I have a problem with American Disabilities Act eligibility?
12. Who do I call if I have trouble with scheduling or busing?
13. What if I have someone who is coming to visit and needs American Disabilities Act transportation?