Why is the city switching to the new system?

There are many reasons the City of Minot is switching to an automated system, including:

Worker safety. Sanitation crews will no longer be subjected to the harsh elements of North Dakota’s weather, and the automated system will greatly reduce the number of on-the-job injuries to workers. Under the current system, crew members face a number of potential injuries, including slips, trips, falls, hazardous chemicals, and scrapes and cuts from broken glass, needles, and nails. Nationally, solid waste and recycling collection workers are three times more likely to be killed on the job than fire fighters and policemen, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sanitation claims account for 22 percent of Workforce Safety and Insurance claims, although sanitation employees account for only 4 percent of the workforce.

Efficiency. Sanitation crews will be doing the same amount of work or more with fewer people, which will save the City of Minot money in the long term. The basic $16.22 monthly fee for sanitation services in 2017 would have been approximately the same regardless of whether or not the City transitioned to automated sanitation pickup.

Cleanliness: With household garbage being contained in the new carts, there will be less debris blowing around the city, and there will no longer be unsightly piles of garbage sitting on the curb. In addition, animals will no longer be able to tear open bags of trash. The new containers are also built to be resistant to tipping over in windy conditions, reducing the amount of trash being blown around by the wind.

This is the first step for the City of Minot to provide curbside recycling. The City will now have the trucks necessary to implement a curbside recycling collection program in the future.

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1. Why is the city switching to the new system?
2. When will the new automated system start?
3. Can you explain how will the new automated process will work?
4. What are the three sizes of the new trash containers?
5. Can I get help if I’m physically unable to move the new containers to the curb by myself?
6. Can I leave the new container by the curb all the time, or do I have to remove it after the trash is collected from it?
7. What if I change my mind about which size of container I want to use? How do I switch containers?
8. If my container is stolen or damaged, do I have to pay for a new one?
9. If I put my trash on the curb in a different container than the city approved one, will the sanitation crews collect it?
10. Will switching to the new system cause my monthly sanitation fee to rise? If so, how much?
11. Will the city still pick up tree branches?
12. Will the city still pick up old appliances and other large items?
13. What items are prohibited in city issued waste carts?
14. Will the city continue to pick up garbage twice a week under the new automated system?
15. Will the new system mean some city sanitation workers will lose their jobs?
16. How many new sanitation trucks did the city have to buy?
17. Other than new trucks and trash carts, will the city have to purchase any other equipment to make the new system work?
18. Will the new system have to change again when Minot begins recycling efforts? If so, why don’t we wait until then to change instead of changing everything twice?