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Posted on: December 6, 2023

Non-recyclable recyclables

Tuesday (2)

Another 45.62 tons of recyclable material was collected this week through the City’s curbside recycling program. But not all of it was actually recyclable.

Recycling Coordinator Christina Wolf and other crew members at the landfill pulled 5.93 tons of unwanted items out of the collections this week, including fans, air mattresses, wrapping paper, several bags full of garbage, kitty litter, batteries, full oil containers, diabetic needles, and a knife.

Oh, and don’t forget about the dead cat wrapped up in a garbage bag.

“We know most residents are making good-faith efforts to include only items that are recyclable and we appreciate their efforts,” Wolf said. “But a dead cat? Batteries and full oil containers?”

There are also other, less obvious, items that are included in the recycling stream that residents may not realize aren’t recyclable, including:

  • Phone books. The glue used for binding can jam up sorting machines.
  • Books with spiral wire bindings. The long strips of metal can jam up machines.
  • Big bags from dog food or BBQ pellets. Bags from charcoal are recyclable because they’re paper, but other bags of that type are made from plastic that isn’t recyclable.
  • Amazon envelopes. They have padding or bubble wrap inside of them that isn’t recyclable.

Wolf said sometimes staff members will pull a cardboard box from the recycling pile, even though it is recyclable.

“Sometimes there’s so much stuff inside the box that isn’t recyclable, and it’s just not worth the risk of sticking our hands in there to pull the stuff out, so we’ll just take the whole box out,” she said. “It’s unfortunate because the box is recyclable, so we’re kind of missing an opportunity in those cases.”

A few reminders of other items NOT to put in recycling containers:

Plastic wrap. Styrofoam. Yard waste. Lamps. Hoses of any kind. Shredded paper. Wrapping paper.


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