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Posted on: July 19, 2023

Mosquito spraying set for Wednesday evening


The Ohio Air National Guard will attempt the aerial spraying for mosquito control in the Minot area on Wednesday, July 19th.

Last night, the aerial spray mission did not go as planned. The C-130 crew was able to complete the spraying of the Minot Air Force Base but encountered an equipment malfunction. The crew had to abort the mission and address the equipment malfunction. 

The tentative plan is to assess the wind speeds this evening. Signs indicate that the wind should die down around 8:00 p.m. Providing weather and equipment cooperation, the same timeline as yesterday will apply, with a 9:00 p.m. aerial observation, followed by spray application after sundown.  

The City of Minot, in conjunction with the Minot Air Force Base and the Ohio Air National Guard, has confirmed that the aerial spraying for mosquito control in the Minot area will take place on Tuesday, July 18th.

The Ohio Air National Guard will begin the mission by taking off at 9:00 p.m. for aerial observation. The aerial observation will take roughly an hour; they will begin spraying the pesticide once it is completed. 
The pesticide in use is designed for small insects and can harm pollinators. Bees and butterflies return to their hives and nests in the evenings, which is why we conduct this mission late at night. The active ingredient in the pesticide spray is Naled. When applied in this method, Naled poses a minimal risk to the general population, pets, and wildlife. We still recommend staying indoors and bringing in pet food and children's toys from outside. 

Lastly, we spray to limit the community's exposure to the harmful diseases that mosquitos can carry. This method is very effective. If you have concerns about the health and safety impact of the chemical component used, the EPA has an extensive page that may be helpful for you.

Mosquito spraying is provided and scheduled by the 910th Airlift Wing's Air Force Spray Squadron from Youngstown Air Reserve Station in Ohio. The application will be made using a C-130 cargo aircraft.

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