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    Jacob Filkins

    Senior Fire Fighter

The explorer post is a program available to high school aged youth in the Minot area. The program will allow explorers to get hands on experience with all aspects of the Minot Fire Department. The Explorers will have the opportunity to train in all the areas that our career firefighters train in. Being in an explorer post provides kids unique opportunities to learn teamwork and leadership skills that can be used as experience for their future endeavors . 

We generally meet once every other week for approximately 2 hours at a time. The location will depend on the topic of the meeting. Most of the time we will be meeting at the Minot Fire Stations but we will use other facilities if need be. The fee to sign up is $25. Throughout the year we will assist with certain public events such as parades, the blood drive, and various other activities.

Join us on Facebook! Click on the link to view upcoming events and to view training opportunities.Explorer Post #9463

If you would like additional information, please call SRFF Jacob Filkins at 701-340-7729

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