National Disaster Resilience Program

National Disaster Resilience Program

Minot's transition from flood recovery to a resilient community is aided in part by a $74.3 million grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development -- money the city won through the National Disaster Resilience Competition in January 2016. The Resilience Competition required cost share commitments from the city, state and local contributions.With that leverage, the money available balloons from just over $74 million to nearly $200 million.There are strict guidelines set by the federal government as well as guidelines from proposals made by city officials during the competition.

The City of Minot is now beginning plans to complete programs outlined in the application process of the NDR competition. Minot was one of three communities awarded federal dollars as part of this competition. The other two, New York, New York and New Orleans, Louisiana. Per Capita Minot received the most "bang for their buck". For example, for every resident in New York the city was award roughly two dollars. Minot was awarded about $900 per head.

Video created by the Rockefeller Foundation to help the City of Minot during the National Disaster Resilience Competition.

Provide. Power. Protect.

Is a slogan the City of Minot uses to help exemplify what the community means to the country and the world. With our extensive agricultural community we can help provide food for the world. Our massive coal and crude oil reserves allow the Minot and surrounding community to help power the world. Meanwhile, the Minot Air Force Base is a strategic foundation that can be used to help protect the world. .